Panthers Code of Conduct, Rules and Regulations
All board members, coaches, parents, football players, and cheerleaders are bound by the provisions of the Panthers Code of Conduct, Rules and Regulations. 

* Applicable to all football players and cheerleaders. Parents with children participating in Panthers youth football and/or cheer program(s) are responsible for reviewing the Panthers Code of Conduct, Rules and Regulations, and in particular the Football Players and Cheerleaders Code of Conduct and the rules pertaining to internet and other electronic communications, with their children, and encouraging him / her to follow the Code and rules during and throughout their participation

2017 Football Coaches Application
Anyone who wishes to apply for a head coach or assistant coach position for the 2017 season should follow these steps to complete an application:
  1. Click the link above to open the application.
  2. Save the application to your computer.
  3. Complete the application and save.
  4. Attach the completed application to an email and send to