Cheer Coaches

Cheer Coaches. They are these amazing people who spend 5-10 hours with you and your squad every week. When they aren’t at practices, they are spending even more time thinking about how to make your choreography even better. They don’t condition you to make you so sore that you can’t walk the next day. They condition you to make you stronger so you are better at your routine. They don’t lie about one more full out just to make you angry and tired. They want to make sure you leave practice with a perfect routine.

A coach will impact more young people in a year than an average person does in a lifetime. Panthers recognize that part of having success on and off the field starts with our volunteer coaches. We firmly believe that recreational cheer teaches our youth tremendous life skills they can carry with them forever. Not only does cheer provide great health benefits, both mental and physical, it also promotes camaraderie, teamwork, discipline, and work ethic that will help shape our children into well-rounded adults. We are always in need of individuals to help us achieve these goals and who are wishing to share their knowledge and love of the sport. If you are interested in volunteering as a coach, please obtain a coaches applications from our Resources page and submit it to: