Safety is a primary concern of the Downers Grove Panthers.  Football is a contact sport along with cheerleading which includes tumbling and stunting.  Like many other sports, there is always a risk of an injury occurring.  Panther’s is committed to providing quality protective football equipment along with high-quality cheer mats.

For the last several years, Total Body Wellness and Performance, Inc. has worked with us to ensure that a Sports Medical Specialist will be on our sidelines at our Home Games for all our football and cheerleader athletes. In the event of an injury, they will evaluate the athlete to determine if they can continue to participate.

If your child experiences any type of injury outside of Panthers, please contact the coach immediately to let them know before the child practices or plays in a game.  Any injured player that requires medical attention will be required to present a doctor’s release before returning to practice.

We invite you to learn more about Panthers commitment to safety by visiting our following pages:

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