"A coach will impact more people in a year than the average person does in a lifetime"

Panthers appreciates and thanks all of their volunteer coaches for their commitment and dedication.

VOLUNTEER COACHES are the backbone of our association and, as such, they have the greatest impact on a participant’s fundamental skills development and overall level of enjoyment.  The type of volunteer coach we are looking for is one who believes that teaching skills and fundamental concepts in a safe manner is more important than winning the game.  Perspective is key. We are interested in coaches who set the example, who wish to be good mentors, and who can effectively model the tenants of leadership, sportsmanship, and teamwork to the participants.

A great coach will serve many roles: technical supporter, motivator,
leader, psychologist, and maybe most importantly, as a role model for the athlete to follow in the competition arena as well as out


Any individual that would like to volunteer as a Head Coach or Assistant coach will need to read and acknowledge to these guidelines along with completing the coaches application below.

As a Football Coach for Panther Junior Football, I agree to:


  1. Remember that Panther Junior Football is for the children and not the adults, and that coaching is a privilege.  Do my best to help participants develop an appreciation for the sport in an enjoyable environment.
  2. Promote good sportsmanship and fair play in all situations, including respecting the referees and other field personnel.
  3. Use positive encouragement to increase confidence and build self esteem in players.
  4. Provide a positive role model for all players by treating players, cheerleaders, parents, coaches, opponents, and referees with the utmost respect.
  5. Encourage all players to maintain high academic standards, and work with parents to resolve any issues.
  6. Be prompt in attending meetings, practices, and games.  Show respect in language and behavior at all times.
  7. Submit to a background check once every three years, as requested.
  8. Complete USA Football Heads Up Tackling Certification or USA Football Flag Certification (each year).
  9. Support Panther Board members and other coaches in their activities.
  10. Support and promote any fundraising events and other functions of the Panther Junior Football Association.
  11. Abide by the rules set forth in the Parent’s Code of Ethics and Zero Tolerance Policy.

OFF-SEASON (From End of Season to Pre-Season of following year.)

  1. Attend a coaching clinic as required by the Bill George Youth Football League (BGYFL) generally before the season.
  2. Attend a coach’s meeting as required by BGYFL in August, 2023.
  3. Attend a minimum of three Panther coaching clinics throughout the 2023 season.
  4. Assist at registration dates by working scheduled hours as assigned.
  5. Assist at football equipment distribution dates by working scheduled hours as assigned.
  6. Assist at Football Spring/Summer camps.

FOOTBALL SEASON (Practice typically starts the first week of August)

  1. Place the player’s emotional and physical well being ahead of winning at all times.
  2. Be in attendance at practice every night during the first two weeks, unless previously arranged with Head Ccoaches.
  3. Be in attendance at all practices throughout the season.
  4. Assist players in maintaining their equipment properly throughout the season, so as to meet all safety standards
  5. Confirm all players have the required equipment before allowing them to practice or play in games.
  6. Maintain coach’s equipment throughout the season, so as to meet safety standards.
  7. Conduct practices and games in a safe and healthy environment for all participants.
  8. Teach players safe and approved football fundamentals and basic skills.
  9. Supervise all players until they are picked-up after practices and games.
  10. Teach players to treat all home and away practice and game fields respectfully, by picking up after themselves and not damaging property or equipment.
  11. Maintain appropriate sideline manner during all practices and games.


  1. Assist Panther Board members with field duty as assigned (typically four to six games per season).
  2. Follow the rules for the specific level as printed on the master roster sheet distributed by BGYFL.
  3. Responsible for Setting-up and Breaking-Down the field as scheduled (first game of day & last game of day).

In addition to the guidelines indicated above, as a Head Football Coach for Panther Junior Football, I agree to:

FOOTBALL SEASON (Practice typically starts the first week of August)

  1. Develop an adequate coaching staff to assist with practices and games.
  2. Be in attendance at practice every night during the first two weeks, unless previously arranged with VP of Football.
  3. Be in attendance at all practices throughout the season, unless adequate coverage has been arranged with assistant coaches.
  4. Participate in a fair draft of all players at their level.
  5. Confirm all paperwork for each rostered player (registration form, birth certificate, and medical release form) is in my possession, in the event of an emergency. 
  6. Report all injuries (practices, games, and injuries outside of practice that require a doctor’s note to return to play) to the Panther VP of Football within 24 hours of the injury.
  7. Familiarize yourself and your coaching staff with basic first aid and emergency protocols used by BGYFL.
  8. Turn-in roster paperwork and electronic files in accordance with BGYFL requirements.
  9. Monitor player absences and not allow players to practice or play if ill or injured.
  10. Monitor any player weight issues and work with Vice Presidents of Football to move players as required prior to the first game of the season.
  11. Conduct parent meetings prior to the start of the season, and during the season as needed.
  12. Communicate effectively with both players and parents regarding parent and player expectations and BGYFL rules.
  13. Adjust practice and game plans accordingly to allow for adverse weather conditions (extreme heat, heavy rain, cold/windy, etc.)
  14. Develop a practice schedule that makes the best use of all players time.
  15. Recruit a Team Administrator and other parent volunteers to assist with all game day responsibilities.
  16. Report serious parent issues promptly to one of the Vice Presidents of Football for resolution by the Football Coaches Selection Committee and/or Board of Directors.
  17. Be responsible for the conduct of players, coaching staff, cheerleaders, cheer coaching staff, parents, and spectators during all team activities.


  1. Adjust playing time as needed for players missing practices for any reason.
  2. Assign playing time for all players with a minimum of 10 downs for all players.
  3. Maintain a plan for distribution of playing time for review by the Football Coaches Selection Committee, as needed.
  4. Create a working relationship with cheer squad assigned to your team.
  5. Notify cheercoachmgr@pantherjrfootball.org and/or head cheer coach for squad assigned to your team on scheduling changes (if applicable).
  6. Report any game day issues promptly to the BGYFL Representative and/or Vice Presidents of Football.  This especially includes injuries requiring transportation to the hospital or ejections from the game that require further disciplinary action.
Football Coach Application

Thank you for applying.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to Eric Christopherson at VPFootball@Pantherjrfootball.org