First Football Uniform Fitting.


1. BEFORE coming to a walk-in registration, complete forms online and pay fees online. Click HERE to register.

2. Then bring your athlete(s) to get fitted, weighed, pick-up fundraising tickets, and registration t-shirt.  Those that did not play last year will need to bring a COPY of their Birth Certificate.

**Registration is NOT complete until you come to one of the Fittings **

We will be at the DG Rec Center (4500 Belmont Ave) from 9A-12P.

Registration Is Now Open for 2023 Season

2 Easy Steps to register

  1. BEFORE coming to a Uniform Fitting, complete the forms and pay fees online.
  2. Then come to one of the following Uniform Fitting Dates:
    • Football:
      1. March 19th(9am – 12pm) @ DG Rec Center – 4500 Belmont Ave.
      2. April 29th(9am – 1pm) @ DG Lincoln Center – 935 Maple Ave.
      3. May 31st(6pm – 8 pm) @ DG Rec Center – 4500 Belmont Ave.
  • Cheer:April 22nd, June 10th
    1. April 22nd (10:30am – 12:30pm) @ Westmont Yard – 233 W. 63rd
    2. June 10th(9am – 12pm) @ Westmont Yard – 233 W. 63rd

Click HERE to Register!!!